Follow the wizard to uninstall Acer Drivers Update Utility 2.4. On the desktop, right click Computer and select Properties. Go to the installation folder of Acer Drivers Update Utility 2.4. Sorry, you must verify to complete this action. Please click the verification link in your email. SelectManually connect to a wireless network, then clickNext.

  • These utilities professionally scan your PC to detect any old or broken drivers and then find the best suitable version for your Windows and Acer device to install and download.
  • Navigating your laptop without a working touchpad can be very frustrating, especially when you don’t have a spare mouse.
  • Those who need older software should instead consider Mac OS X 10.6 “Snow Leopard.”
  • All you need to do is find an Acer Monitor that fulfills your requirements like perfect screen display and resolution settings.

Note that formal hardware support for macOS Ventura is more limited than its predecessor, macOS Monterey , and some features are restricted to official Macs with the latest Apple Silicon processors. Verify hardware compatibility before upgrading an older Hackintosh to this version of the macOS or buying hardware for a new one. Installation guides for macOS Ventura , macOS Monterey , macOS Big Sur , macOS Catalina (10.15), and older versions of Mac OS X, all the way back to Mac OS X Leopard (10.5) follow. Be sure to see the selected Hackintosh video tutorials, too.

Download Acer Laptop Driver

Once you are inside the Device Manager interface, you should see your computer’s various devices listed. These may include battery , computer, disc drive, display adapters, DVD/CD-ROM drive, keyboard, and more. The option you are looking for is “display adapters.”

You also get a dedicated CPU copper heat transfer block. When it comes to overall portability, the Legion 5i Pro is not a laptop you can carry around with ease. The machine weighs 2.5kgs, and the bulk only increases when combined with the 800-gram power adapter. Taking this entire setup out and about for work is a chore, so I suggest keeping it in one place.

Method 4. Driver updater software

Sometimes, even a driver-related issue can also cause the Acer computer black screen problem. For instance, if the driver has become corrupt, is outdated, or has not been installed properly, then it can make your Acer laptop go black screen after the logo. To fix it, you can consider reinstalling or resetting the graphic card driver. The following Acer laptops, desktops and tablets have been tested as being suitable to upgrade to Windows 11.

But saner heads prevailed, and I switched back on. After all that is said and done, the Lenovo Legion 5i Pro is a gaming laptop. Packing a 150W RTX 3070 Ti with 8GB VRAM and the Intel i H, I went into the testing with high hopes.

Install TWRP Recovery in Pepwave Max Br1 Latest

Use video card detector if something goes wrong. The program will automatically list all the driver files available for your current system. You can install drivers for devices that do not have drivers installed, and you can also upgrade drivers to the latest driver version for devices that have already installed drivers. Since the Acer laptop black screen of death can be a crucial issue, users can end up resetting their system to fix it. In that process, you might end up losing some of your important system or user files. Therefore, what you should do first when your acer laptop screen won’t turn on is restoring and making a copy of your files and documents.